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Wolfman Chimney & Wildlife is proud to offer gas log fireplace services for those in San Antonio, TX and the surrounding areas.

Gas Logs

Whether you are looking to have us install a new gas log fireplace for your home or need any repair or maintenance work, we will be able to take care of any of your needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

We can install gas log fireplaces in either a vented or vent-free manner depending on your preferences, and we guarantee that your setup will be completely safe and will have your home feeling nice and warm in no time.

Vented gas log fireplaces can be installed in a functional wood burning fireplace, but as with all wood fireplaces, much of the heat will escape the home through the chimney. If you choose a vent-free method, you will need to use approved vent-free logs, but your home will trap more heat. All in all, it really depends on your personal preferences.

Our team will be glad to provide any gas log conversions, and we also offer gas log remotes, which have on/off switches and can control the height of a flame.

Call today for any gas log fireplace installations and more!

What we offer:

Come visit us in the showroom and see our full line of gas logs in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors to suit any taste. Our top of the line Real Fyre Log sets are handcrafted, hand painted to look realistic. We even have the more modern glass beads, river rock stones and decorative accessories to further enhance your hearth.


1. Gas Log Fireplace Installations
2. Gas Log Fireplace Repair and Maintenance
3. Gas Log Conversion
4. Gas Log Remotes
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