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Whether visible or partially hidden, a damaged chimney is a huge safety issue.

Signs your chimney needs rebuild or repair.

Although chimneys are built to last for about 50 years, anything can happen that would require some sort of repair or replacement. All it takes is one storm that’s strong enough to damage your home’s chimney and roof. Some signs that you may need a chimney rebuild include the following:

1. Damaged Mortar Joints – When your chimney’s mortar joints are compromised, this can accelerate the amount of damage that your chimney will experience.

2. Damaged mortar joints expose the bricks to large amounts of moisture, which can eventually lead to your chimney collapsing into itself.

3. Chimney Crown Damage – The most important part of your chimney, your chimney crown is essential for keeping nature’s elements out of your home. When the crown is cracked, water can seep into your chimney and cause large cracks throughout your chimney. Cracked chimney crowns also cause shaling and spalling.

4. Spalling – Spalling bricks occur on the outside of your chimney. If you can see pieces of masonry around the base of your chimney, this is a clear sign that spalling is occurring on your chimney. Spalling is a result of water getting into the masonry which causes crumbling brick and deterioration of your chimney.

5. Shaling – Shaling can be seen from inside your home. If you notice thin slices of chimney tile collecting in your fireplace, this is a clear indication of shaling.

6. Peeling Wallpaper – If you notice the wallpaper surrounding your fireplace is starting to become damaged or warped such as peeling or bubbling wallpaper, chances are there’s excess moisture in your chimney and should be addressed immediately.

Chimneys can only last for so long

If your chimney’s integrity has been compromised due to a severe storm, or perhaps it’s simply run down due to its age, it’s important that you have your chimney inspected right away. The professional team at Wolfman Chimney & Wildlife will come in and assess your chimney and determine if chimney repair is needed, or if we need to perform a new chimney rebuild. Together, we’ll create a chimney repair or chimney replacement plan that fits your needs.


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